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The Alameda County District Attorney's Office

A Toolkit to Reduce Early Chronic Absence

Created by the Oakland Attendance Collaborative

Developed by Oakland Education Cabinet’s Attendance Support Committee, the Every Day Counts Toolkit provides ready-made materials that administrators, staff, teachers, and community partners can use for outreach to families and provides tools that schools can use to assess their own attendance practices and guide their improvement.

You can download the toolkit in a series of PDF files below or in one large PDF file.


Every Day Counts - Complete Tookit

Individual Toolkit Files:

What is the toolkit?

Attendance Incentives

Community Partners

Hard to Reach Parents

School Staff Handout

Self Assessment

Achievement Certificate

Parent Flyer-English

Parent Flyer-Spanish

Parent Flyer-Chinese

Parent Flyer-Vietnamese

Parent Flyer-Korean

Attorney General's 2013 & 2014 Report on California's Elementary School Truancy & Absenteeism Crisis In School and On Track

2012 Toolkit

Every Day Counts - Complete 2012 Toolkit (PDF 4.5Mb)

Individual Toolkit Files:

What is the toolkit?

Attendance Incentives

Achievement Certificate

Hard to Reach Parents

Talking Points for OUSD

Talking Points Adults to Parents/Media

Self Assessment

Parent Flyer - English

Parent Flyer - Arabic

Parent Flyer - Cambodian

Parent Flyer - Chinese

Parent Flyer - Spanish

Parent Flyer - Vietnamese

Oakland Unified School District Summer PreK Program

Studies show that students who enter kindergarten after attending pre-school and pre-kindergarten are more successful in school in all areas, including attendance, reading and math. This summer OUSD will be having a Summer PreK Program. The focus of this program is to help transition students who will be entering kindergarten in the fall who have no prior school experience. Flyers for the program are available in four languages.

OUSD PreK Program - English

OUSD PreK Program - Spanish

OUSD PreK Program - Chinese

OUSD PreK Program - Vietnamese