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Programs that address the intersection of student health and attendance

Health, Education and Attendance for Life (HEAL)

HEAL (Health, Education, and Attendance for life) is our most recent project.

Working with Alameda County Health, ICPC, the Alameda County Office of Education, numerous school districts, and other partners, we are addressing the intersection of health issues and excessive absence.

When students miss too many days of school, they fall behind and struggle to keep up with their classmates. Whether the days missed are due to illness, truancy or for any other reason, the end result for the student is the same — learning time is lost.

Children and adolescents will get sick at times and may need to stay at home, but we want to work with you to help minimize the number of days your student misses school.

To Address Ongoing Health Concerns During the Pandemic: Updated HEAL Flyer English | Spanish

Download a Health Flyer for Parents (English) | (Spanish)

ACPHN Informational Brochure

Download the Alameda County Public Health Nursing Informational Brochure (PDF)

The Asthma Start Program

The Asthma Start Program assists students, families and schools in navigating the myriad health and attendance caused by asthma.

To access Alameda County Public Health Asthma start nursing staff, download and complete the Asthma Start Referral Form (PDF).

School Breakfast Strategy: Reducing Absenteeism and Supporting Student Success

Eating school breakfast increases student attendance by an average of 1.5 days of school per year. Read the brief from the California Food Policy Advocates...