At School

The Alameda County District Attorney's Office

Ensuring student safety on and off campus to increase daily attendance

School safety is essential to school attendance. Students and their families must feel that the school campus is a safe and secure place to be during the day. Of equal importance, the trip to and from school must be a secure one—whether a student walks, rides a bike, takes a bus or gets a ride in a car, safe routes to school are essential.

An major issue that affects school climate and a student’s feeling of safety and security is that of bullying; and cyber-bullying is increasingly noted as an issue that causes students as young as elementary school to become habitually absent from school.

The Alameda County DA’s Office has developed a program that is offered for students as well as parents on the topic of cyber safety and cyber bullying. To request an assembly that addresses this topic for your school (either student or parent body), please contact Assistant District Attorney Teresa Drenick.